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Waterside Women

Who we are...

Our mission is His mission. As women, our mission is to know God more, to make Him known & make disciples at home, at work, across the street & around the world! We are to go in Christ and grow in Christ. We grow in Jesus Christ as a result of abiding in Jesus ( John 15) because of stepping out and making decision to go toward Christ by faith and follow Him by faith and continual growth of going in Christ to others. Jesus Christ through us.

A lifestyle of personal growth in the Lord, obedience to His word which comes down to two things: Our love of God and loving others. God calls us to grow in a personal relationship with him, but a relationship was never meant to be "lived out" alone, but in community! 

We want to see women rising up and stepping out in faith and love, in living out faith and love in the midst of "everyday" life.  For women, this can be a huge battle. In fact, do you ever sense we are living in hostile territory these days?

(John 13:34-35) The world- those who we come into contact with, will know we are followers of Jesus by our love for one another just as Jesus had for us, that we also express that same love, one to another. 

As we believe, experience and better understand Jesus love for us, his methods and that inflow of His love to us, we can give and share the outflow of that to others. It's Jesus through us, not just to us. He equips us to live and to love through His power, and strength and not our own. How? Come join us to find out more about training & equipping.

Serving with love, respect, and encouragement.  

Sharing the joy of salvation with the community.

We incorporate four B's, as part of our mission:

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