March Greetings to you!

This morning we welcome Steve Huff, who will be sharing the word with us. Continue to pray for Charlotte who is dealing with the virus and Pastor Billy as he is in quarantine.

If you have a need, you can still contact Pastor Billy by cell phone or email. Matt Ridley will lead Pastor's Sunday School class Sunday. This is a reminder to stay diligent with our safety protocols till Summer gets here.

Please check out the church calendar & website for updates on any upcoming events as we are planning around Covid guidelines and hopeful to see those change in the upcoming months.

New Spring Women's Small Groups (9 week segment) are starting up this week (Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM or Saturday @ 9:30 AM). We are planning on doing these groups in hybrid, meaning both in person (with guidelines) and still offering Zoom. Zoom links will be sent out this week.

Any lady can either sign up in the foyer at the Women's ministry table or sign up here on line. If we already started, it's okay for any lady to join in at any time. We just ask that you sign up individual or with someone.

Click here to see the details, days and times and options available.

Women's ministry Page

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Pray for Debbie and Vince Yaniga as he is recovering from surgery. Pray for Glenna and Steve Huff as they mourn the loss of her brother, John Waters, this week. Ladies small groups 8 week bible study begins March 10 with an option of both an AM and PM meeting times. The groups will meet both in person and on line. Book study is The Women of Easter by Liz Higgs. An information table is set up in the foyer with a sign up sheet or any woman can get more information and sign up here. Sunday morning- today, we will focus on the Lord's Prayer as presented in the Gospel of Luke. Do you have a great prayer story to tell? How is your prayer life? What is your prayer guide or strategy that directs your time alone with God? What is an example of answered prayer in your life? This Sunday there is no sunday school for bed babies and there is no worship nursery. We still need a few more volunteers. The Women on Mission will meet Tuesday, March 2, 10am here at the church. Budget giving to date is $37,247. Our budget goal to date is $41,352. Keep being faithful and stedfast. We are approaching Spring and better days with the Covid Virus. We are still planning for Summer as our goal to open up more activities since our nation should be at herd immunity by that time. Nothing is guaranteed, but this should lift our spirits. So plan for VBS in the last full week of July. More about Summer as we get closer to that time frame. Thanks to everyone for the good attitudes as we go through this pandemic together. Remember, our church is safe and sanitized as much as possible. We are learning much from these times that will change us forever. The Devil's biggest daily victory is when he keeps you from praying. See ya soon, Pastor Billy

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Last Sunday's sermon (Feb. 14) was about the lady who washed the feet of Jesus with her tears of joy, who wiped his feet with her hair, and who anointed him with costly perfume. Why? Because her heart was full of gratitude for forgiveness granted by Christ. He offers a new beginning, a brand new start.

Sunday 73 people were present in person. Our budget receipts to date are $34,787. Our budget goal to date is $36,308. Thanks for your gifts that support our ministry to the world.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST MESSAGE - Have you ever doubted God?

"Go In Christ! Grow In Christ!"

Pastor Billy

New Bible study group(s) starting for women

If you are a woman age 18+, there is a new 8 week small group(s) time & bible study starting in the second/third week of March. One group will meet at Wednesdays at 6:30p.m. and the other group will meet during a morning hour as what time works best for the most. We also may consider another evening time as what may work best. The goal is getting together, in a safe space to encourage one another. The days we are looking to meet in the morning would be Wednesday or Saturday as a hybrid, meaning both in the building (socially distanced) and also via Zoom hook up.

You may have received an e-mail sharing of the new groups from our church office and seeking your response. We look forward hearing from you.

The study guide we will be utilizing is "The Women of Easter" where we will be encountering Jesus through the Women who loved Him. We will have copies of the study guide available at the church. You don't want to miss this. If you are curious, watch the video below. We would love to have you as part of our upcoming small women's groups.

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