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Happy Father's Day!

Remember that we all have a very Loving Father - our Heavenly Father. Many of us were and are blessed to also have a great earthly dad. Bless them.

Since it will be a holiday, there will not be a youth group meeting this Sunday evening.


I need to receive all final camp registration papers and remainder of camp fee which is $125 each camper by July 4th. Please make checks out to Circleville First Baptist and designate in memo line for your childs camp fee. Give this info to me and i will give to treasurer. Thanks....

VBS 2021

VBS training for all volunteers Sunday, June 27, 5PM.


We still need a team to teach Childrens Sunday School class. July 25th is Karen's last Sunday. This will need time for training before teaching. If we do not have a team trained and ready before August there may not be a class for children on Sunday mornings.Let me know if this is a possibility for you.

Also, we need a volunteer to teach two year olds in Sunday School.

Women's Ministry

Be part of participating & contributing to our mission (Go in Christ & Grow in Christ) through small prayer groups. Just before the Great Beach landing and battle on the Beaches of Normandy that we commemorated on June 6, the joint forces bombed the beaches before sending out the troops. We invite women to join us to bomb with prayer the areas that we are sending out and going in Christ for the upcoming month. Come pray with us.

Monday, June 28- Women's Prayer Battle

Meeting to pray at 6:30p.m.

More info in the foyer on the Women's ministry table

Be part of participating & contributing to our mission (Go in Christ & Grow in Christ) through fellowship & outreach.

Sunday, July 11 - Women's Fellowship - Beach Bunch Lunch after church

Information & Sign up now in the foyer at the Women's ministry table

Our Church Mission is:

Go in Christ,

Grow in Christ.

Last Sunday, we learned about the Lost Sheep. This Sunday looked at the Lost Sons in Luke 15. It is easy for people to get far from God, even if you attend church every week. We reach out to bring them back home. Some will be reached, and others won't. Let us be found as effective disciplemakers. Our goal is more and better disciples. This requires us to focus more on those we are serving in our networks and in our ministries.

Women's Prayer Battle

Exciting news! The Women's Prayer Battle begins this Monday, April 26 at 6:30 pm here in our church foyer! This is an opportunity to pray together in-person. The foyer will be set up in a way that if you can't make it at 6:30 pm, you can still come in late. If you have particular prayer concerns and/or upcoming events in the next month, please email them to me the Sunday before (April 25). The plan is to have the Women's Prayer Battle on the last Monday of each month. With Memorial Day being the last Monday in May, we'll have the Prayer Battle on Monday, May 24; the week of VBS, it will be scheduled for Monday, July 19. Debbie Yaniga Annie Armstrong Offering for North American missions total is $2519. Great giving! Today's World:"Hard to go back to normal when normal disappeared." This is so true of the times we live in. Requires us to be: Faithful Available Teachable We are raising the bar for all leaders as we move forward. The key thing is being teachable. We must change or we will get left behind by our world. Change is what we will excel at. Stay tuned for exciting things in disciple making. VBS volunteers sign up...stop by the display table and sign up in the foyer. Don't delay. We give the date early so we can plan for this so come on and make Kendra's job easier. Call someone from your small group and encourage them.

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Updated: Apr 14

Updated: 4/14:

From the desk of Pastor Billy:

Our Mission Statement is "Go in Christ, Grow in Christ." This still guides us as we get closer to coming out of this viral pandemic. We are not just holding on and surviving but we are more committed than ever to making disciples for Christ. Everything we do helps us accomplish that mission. We are not here merely to convert people to Christ. We are here to make disciples, which is a big difference.

"I am suffering labor pains for you until Christ is formed in you." The Apostle Paul, Galatians 4:19

Our Sunday worship attendance in person was 83. Our offering was $2978. Budget receipts to date are $77,768. Our budget goal to date is $76,660.

Gifts to Our Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions total $2519.

In our Sunday quarterly vision/business meeting we approved our new church logo and church guiding statements. We have also begun recruiting our church volunteers for the new church year. More to come on that later.

Community Kitchen is Friday. We still need tater tots and desserts by Friday at 3PM delivered to the church. Call the church office if you can help with food.

It is time to register your child for youth camp at Seneca Lake for July. Scholarships are available. Please contact Michael or me to reserve a spot for your child. It's gonna be extra great this year.

We have decided to take a small step in opening some things as we move out of the pandemic. Small groups no larger than 50 can meet at the church for fellowships, family reunions, outreach, etc. However, masks are still required for those events as well as social distancing of 6 feet which means one family per table if you have food. This is not much but it is a good step in the right direction.

Look for opportunities to have a spiritual conversation with someone who may be far from God or in pain.

Pray for Linda Dean and family as she is near the time of leaving this world and going to her new home with Christ.

Jesus Saves!

Pastor Billy


Today, we have a business meeting after church.

Circleville Community Kitchen which is this coming Friday, April 16 at the Prebysterian Church beginning at 4:00 pm.

Two people have already signed up to help serve -- we only need several more. Sign up sheets are available in the foyer if you plan to help with food donations and/or help in serving. All food donations need to be at our church on Friday April 16 by 3:00 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Camden.

Women's Prayer Battle will start meeting in person, once a month on the last Monday of the month for right now. We will meet on Monday, April 26th. If you are interested to meet up to pray, meet in the church foyer at 6:30p.m. We will have a short devotion and time of prayer and breaking off into smaller prayer groups. If you can't get there right at 6:30, please feel free to come in a little late. If you have any items for us to pray over, please feel free send those to the church office or contact through our Facebook community page.

From Pastor Billy:

How well do you live with change? When did you last make a change to become more Christ like? We are called to be alive in life change so we can help others become life changers. This mission impacts everything - our lives, our church, our various ministries. We change no matter the cost. Often it is painful, but Christ is always in the God directed change. To stay the same is to die. Luke 14:25 - 34 is our scripture passage for Sunday. It is all about counting the costs so we can follow the Savior to live in ongoing change. Fear not -- life is in the change! That is where the action is.

After worship Sunday morning we will have our quarterly business meeting. We will be voting on our new church mission statements and church logo. Those statements are included in this email.

CIRCLEVILLE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH MISSION, VISION & VALUES STATEMENTS Updated October 27, 2020 MISSION STATEMENT Go in Christ, Grow in Christ VISION STATEMENT  We will equip our church to make disciples by boldly proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.  We will be deeply rooted in a relationship with God and utilize discovered spiritual gifts everywhere. VALUES STATEMENT 1. We affirm Jesus is the foundation of our faith and the center of the church. 2. We are committed to helping believers discover their spiritual gifts so they can deploy them in serving others. 3. We are committed to training our leaders to reproduce disciples of Jesus Christ. 4. We participate in what God is doing on the earth – replicating the life of Christ and cultivating the Kingdom of God in and through others. 5. We meet people where they are with relevant cultural sensitivity while ensuring we do not compromise biblical standards. 6. We use every opportunity to engage with unsaved people. 7. We serve God and others with excellence.

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