We have reopened church for worship @ 10:45 am and will continue to share live on Facebook with recordings available for those who can't attend.  Sunday School at 9:30. See details below. Maintaining six feet of safe distance is required at all times.  Given our Governor's orders, we are continuing to ask folks to wear face masks. This order does "exempt Children under the age of 10 and people with a medical reasons are exempted from the face mask requirement".  No matter what, Christ calls us to read goodness and best into the actions of others (1 Cor. 13:7). In addition, we are to do what we do -- whether eating or drinking -- to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31). Please continue to let these exhortations guide your personal interactions and view of others who may make different choices than you. Please realize that all of this is temporary but is also another opportunity for us to shine the love of Christ in creative ways. You all have done such a great job of loving one another and seeking to honor Christ during this season.



We are now operating with Kids in session and a nursery. Please call ahead to ensure we have available staff.

Sunday morning at 9:30a.m. and night at 6:00p.m., youth (age middle school - grade 12 are meeting with Covid guidelines in place. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.


Sunday School on campus for all classes except the Joy Class are meeting and some are also offering hybrid of both Zoom and in-person. And remember that as of now everyone is required to wear a mask when you are in our building for worship or sunday school.We will follow the governor's requirement for our county. Children 10 or younger are not required to wear a mask. 


Children will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering their ministry areas. Temperature checks will be given to all children and volunteers with children.

On Sunday July 5, we will restart KidsFest during worship and the Nursery will also reopen during worship. The worship nursery is for bed babies till before Kindergarten. KidsFest is for kindergartners through grade 5 and this is held in the gym during the sermon. 

1. All volunteers working with children are required to wear a mask.

2. All volunteers and children will sanitize their hands before starting their ministry time together.

3. Water Fountains are not to be used.

4. All ministry areas will be sanitized after each use by the volunteers. Custodians will do deep cleaning and sanitizing weekly of all touch surfaces.

5. Temperature checks will be given to all volunteers and children.

If you are sick, stay home. No children with runny noses or temp above 100.4 degrees will be allowed in childrens activities.


Sunday School will begin for all classes and age groups on Sunday July 19. The only exception is the Joy Class taught by Tony Wagner. That senior adult class will continue to meet by way of Zoom only.

 I will make room assignments so stay tuned to where your class may be meeting. Flexibility required for adults. Preschoolers, children, and youth will meet in their usual areas. Six foot distancing is required for adults and youth.


This is a time of great change which is good because we are the people of change. That is what repentance means.Stay alert, flexible, and go with the changes we will be making as we adjust to the new normal. This is our opportunity to shine and continue moving forward. Changes will be part of our routine more than ever.


In morning worship, refrain from hanging out in the foyer. Be seated at the first available seat closest to the front. This is not about trying to get your familiar spot. Put others before yourself.We will seat people in the foyer only after all available seats in the worship center are filled. 


If you serve as an usher Sunday, I need to meet with you at 10:20AM in the foyer for new instructions.


This is all still odd and strange, but the better we practice these things,the more effective we will be in reaching others for Christ and the more likely people will be to return to our meetings


1.We start back with worship service only. No nursery or kids activities and no Sunday School.

2. We observe the 6 feet distancing rule and use only every other pew with only one household  per pew.

Every other pew will be closed with caution tape or rope.

3. Use the foyer for additional space if needed with chairs set up at proper distancing.

Next use gym or youth center if needed.

4. Serve the Lord's Supper using pre filled and sealed cups whenever we serve the Supper.

5. No shaking hands or meet and greet time in the worship service.

6. Greeters stay at a safe distance from the door. Doors are left open so no need to touch.

7. No coffee station or food - prevent gathering of people.

8. Continue using Zoom for small groups and meetings.

Some small groups can start meeting again but only with permission from pastor.

9. Sanitize church facilities more deeply each week.

Worship center and foyer area completely sanitized weekly including foyer bathrooms.

10. Encourage masks but not required for all people.

We can make some masks available if needed.

Worship leaders and team when on stage will not wear masks.

After they leave the stage worship leaders will wear their masks.

11. Do not pass offering plates. Offering box underneath tv in foyer.

Begin promoting online giving options in addition to traditional method.

12. Expect things to be noisy since there will be no nursery or children's activities.

13. We will continue to use digital online worship for the entire worship service.

The camera is focused on the stage as it always has been.

14. No bulletins...everything is digital communication.

15. The sick and the at risk/vulnerable should stay home.

Also,if you cannot agree to all of our guidelines, please stay home.

We don't like all of this either but it is what it is.

Honor God by going the extra mile.

16. Direct people to be seated starting with front pews first.

Only in this order so as  to maintain proper distancing.

Release people from the back rows first and they must exit directly to parking lot.

Do not linger in the foyer.

17. Use only the foyer and worship center areas of our facility on sunday morning.

18. Use only the main entrance underneath the canopy at the rear of our facility.