TOPIC: God's Powerful Promises to Us and Through Us - Psalms 23

WHEN: Wednesday, Now -Nov. 25 at 6:30 p.m.-7:45 p.m. (12 weeks)

WHERE: Zoom & also meeting at the church, as possible 

WHO: Women, age 18 +

Childcare: Currently, we do not have any scheduled.

Books needed: Bible & Quiet Confidence for a Woman's Heart

NO BOOK? COME TRY IT OUT A FEW TIMES to see if this is for you. This is OPEN throughout the season for any woman to join at any time. We WELCOME you!  


During a time such as we are living right now, we need our Lord and Savior like never before. To know his heart more than we ever have. Knowing and understanding His promises and living them out and giving them out are key in a time such as this.  Whatever, the season of life you are in, you have influence as a woman in the lives of those around you and those you come into contact with. What are you doing with your influence? 

Join us as we unpack and engage Psalms 23, 12 of God's promises, observe David's life and engage in sheep life that follows the Great Shepherd - Jesus.  Are you hungry?

A book we will be utilizing also:

Quiet Confidence for a Woman's Heart: The Power of God's Restoration & Healing

Discover God's assurances and stand on them as you live out your life of faith, hope, and confidence in Christ. In Quiet Confidence for a Woman's Heart, Elizabeth George takes you on a journey through Psalm 23. As she shows you how David, a man of both faith and failure, overcame his challenges by trusting God's promises, you also will embrace the promises of God. This edition includes a 72 page Study Guide for individual or group use. Previously published under the title, Powerful Promises for Every Woman.  If you have already purchased "Powerful Promises for Every Woman," that is fine. The newer version has a different title and variations are slight. The actual Bible study content that we go over will be the same and easily used for either version. 


If you are planning to participate in this Bible study, here are links of several formats (Kindle, audiobooks, Mp3, paperback) and options where you can purchase your book:  

If you are opting for a hard copy instead of digital, used versions will save you money and they will vary in price from $1.98 + $3.99+ in shipping to free shipping and up to $13.99/$15.99 for a brand new hard back.


The key is to order it, as soon as possible to ensure you get it, before Sept. 2.  Check out the "estimated" delivery arrival times to ensure your best option, before you check out.  If any lady would like to participate but not able to purchase a book due to financial reasons, you are encouraged to reach out to Cheryl Burton or Jackie Helsel.  Please don't let that stand in the way of participating. (Please leave a message at the church office or feel free to call or text one of us).

During this term, we will be rotating four leaders: Cheryl Burton, Sharie Engelsgjerd, Heather Potts and Jackie Helsel.