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Breaking Barriers

What a great time we have been having as we celebrate the season between the resurrection of Jesus and his ascension. This is a time period of about 40 days. During this short period of time Jesus launched his movement. It began to grow in Jerusalem and spread from there. The early Christians overcame every obstacle and moved forward

faithfully. Their resurrection power gave them all they needed to overcome persecution, mistakes, and every sort of problem. Sunday morning we will show how they broke through all barriers and moved forward. We will also hear one of our members share his life story of how he has found God to be a great sustaining power through all the tough times of life. Join us and bring a friend.

Sunday is the deadline to bring payment for your Ohio Changers mission trip. See Shane Jones.

VBS registration and volunteer enlistment continues Sunday. Stop by the VBS table in the foyer.

Sign up for the Women and Girls banquet Sunday at the table in the foyer. Scholarships are available for the meal.

The Kitchen Team will meet Sunday at 5PM.

Our Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions has reached $2008. Great giving church!!!!

Our youth will meet Sunday night at 6PM.

"Go In Christ & Grow in Christ,"

Pastor Billy

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