Week of March 7

March Greetings to you!

This morning we welcome Steve Huff, who will be sharing the word with us. Continue to pray for Charlotte who is dealing with the virus and Pastor Billy as he is in quarantine.

If you have a need, you can still contact Pastor Billy by cell phone or email. Matt Ridley will lead Pastor's Sunday School class Sunday. This is a reminder to stay diligent with our safety protocols till Summer gets here.

Please check out the church calendar & website for updates on any upcoming events as we are planning around Covid guidelines and hopeful to see those change in the upcoming months.

New Spring Women's Small Groups (9 week segment) are starting up this week (Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM or Saturday @ 9:30 AM). We are planning on doing these groups in hybrid, meaning both in person (with guidelines) and still offering Zoom. Zoom links will be sent out this week.

Any lady can either sign up in the foyer at the Women's ministry table or sign up here on line. If we already started, it's okay for any lady to join in at any time. We just ask that you sign up individual or with someone.

Click here to see the details, days and times and options available.

Women's ministry Page

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