Week of February 7

Hello again First Baptist Family,

Many of us as children learned the rhyme about Zaccheus.

"Zaccheus was a wee little man,

a wee little man was he..

He climbed up in the sycamore tree,

for the Lord he wanted to see..."

Sunday our sermon is about how Jesus changed this "successful failure" into a devoted follower. Join us as we begin a new worship series, "The Life and Times of Jesus Christ." We will be in the book of Luke for a while.

The Women on Mission will meet Tuesday morning at 10AM.

Continue to check our church website for updates and current events.

We will not have a bed baby Sunday School class for the next two weeks. Pray for Crystal, Lead Teacher, as she recovers from a surgical procedure.

Stay strong during this time as we continue to overcome the virus. It will still be several months before we reach "herd immunity."

Life Affirmation: I am not my past. I am not what I did. I am who God says I am. He says I am forgiven. He says I am redeemed. He says I am free.

God is good!

Pastor Billy

Attention YOUTH!

Super bowl party on Sunday evening is still a go! We will start at 6 pm and be finished at 8 pm.

I will provide pizza. If others would like to bring snacks or drinks please only bring pre-packed snacks. For example, canned pop, bagged chips, etc.

Feel free to comment in the comment section if you would like to bring something!

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