Week of April 25

Our Church Mission is:

Go in Christ,

Grow in Christ.

Last Sunday, we learned about the Lost Sheep. This Sunday looked at the Lost Sons in Luke 15. It is easy for people to get far from God, even if you attend church every week. We reach out to bring them back home. Some will be reached, and others won't. Let us be found as effective disciplemakers. Our goal is more and better disciples. This requires us to focus more on those we are serving in our networks and in our ministries.

Women's Prayer Battle

Exciting news! The Women's Prayer Battle begins this Monday, April 26 at 6:30 pm here in our church foyer! This is an opportunity to pray together in-person. The foyer will be set up in a way that if you can't make it at 6:30 pm, you can still come in late. If you have particular prayer concerns and/or upcoming events in the next month, please email them to me the Sunday before (April 25). The plan is to have the Women's Prayer Battle on the last Monday of each month. With Memorial Day being the last Monday in May, we'll have the Prayer Battle on Monday, May 24; the week of VBS, it will be scheduled for Monday, July 19. Debbie Yaniga Annie Armstrong Offering for North American missions total is $2519. Great giving! Today's World:"Hard to go back to normal when normal disappeared." This is so true of the times we live in. Requires us to be: Faithful Available Teachable We are raising the bar for all leaders as we move forward. The key thing is being teachable. We must change or we will get left behind by our world. Change is what we will excel at. Stay tuned for exciting things in disciple making. VBS volunteers sign up...stop by the display table and sign up in the foyer. Don't delay. We give the date early so we can plan for this so come on and make Kendra's job easier. Call someone from your small group and encourage them.

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